AL NOORSpecial Facilities

Calm and Quite Atmosphere


Our school is blessed with the beauty of nature, its calm and quite atmosphere keeps the young mind pleasant and refreshed.

Transport Facility for Students


We are bound to provide highly safe and secured transport facility to our children.

Physical Education


Education aims at the training of the body, mind and conduct of a student to keep a healthy mind with a healthy body. We provide a systematic physical education to our students.

Highly Motivated and Professionally Trained Teachers


“If there is any one, who is in a position to bring a positive change to the world everyday, it’s a teacher”. We enriched with the highly motivated and professionally talented teachers to nurture the young minds of our family.

Furnished and Well Equipped Science & Computer Labs


The laboratory leads children to real experience. We furnished a fully equipped science and computer labs to support our children with the real experience.

Creative Abilities


Believe it or not, everyone has a substantial creative ability”. Al Noor model school provides individual attention and training to bring out the best in a student.

Emphasis on Development of Creative Abilities


“Believe it or not, everyone has a substantial creative ability”. Al Noor model school provides individual attention and training to bring out the best in a student.

Well Stocked Library and Spacious Reading Room


The school library is integral to the teaching and the learning process, we provide a flexible space with a wide and inclusive range of resources to support learning and teaching throughout the school.

Value Added Education


Education gives the ability to think with reason, persue dreams and aspirations in life and live a responsible life in the society. It is our moto to create the humanity and generate them as leaders.


AL NOORMessages


Sujesh NP

“The self is not something readymade but something in continuous formation through choice a action”- JOHN DEWEY.

As John Dewey said, we, a team of qualified, talented and hard working teachers are working together for the formation of young energetic individuals.

In the present world education plays a pivot role in the life of an individual. Quality, care and relevance are the centre of our educational philosophy. Our aim is to provide children with the necessary values, skills and knowledge to enable them not simply to survive but to excel in a stimulating and nurturing environment.


Mohammed Ashik DV

With a sense of pride, I can honestly say that Al Noor model school is making a whole hearted effort to educate the children of our society, we came forward with the institution to give better education to our children and to make them a good citizen, I believe that academic knowledge only will not make our students useful to the society or nation but, when they are embedded the spirit of helping others and then alone they become useful to the country.

Therefore I believe that the light of our institution will be a moral force that would guide them in future.


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